How long has The Sixties Club been going?
We launched on 1st October 2011. The club was created by the founder and long-term proprietor of a very successful club for the slightly younger market.

Do I have to leave when I reach 70?
No you do not. Why should you lose out because you've had a birthday! You do have to be under 70 to join though.

I am in my 60s but my partner is not. Can we both join?
Providing one of you is in your 60s, you are both welcome to join.

Will I be able to contact the organiser?
Yes, by telephone or email any time.

What if I'm nervous about coming?
On your first event, if you are nervous, arrangements will be made for you to be met outside, so that you do not have to walk in on your own. We will ensure you are introduced to everyone and made to feel welcome.

Does the organiser attend the events?
Everything is organised for you and the organiser attends a percentage of club events to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone is looked after.

How many members do you have?
The last club had well over 100 with a massive waiting list. This one is slightly smaller as we feel a 'family' atmosphere is essential.

Will there be any premium to pay on events?
None whatsoever, you only pay your 6-monthly subscription and with "group discounts" you can actually save money.

How does this forum work?
Once you have joined you will be given a password, simply log on and away you go! It is our very own Social Networking site.

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